Monday, February 6, 2012


While much of America crowded around television screens tonight to watch a bunch of guys fight over a brown ball, our family crowded around the table to sing "Happy Birthday" to a man among men.

In all honesty, I can say that my husband is probably the most humble, the most serving, the most patient man I know.   Don't believe me?   Let me use today, his 42nd birthday, as an example.

This morning, I had planned one of his favorite breakfast treats - home-made cinnamon rolls.  Unfortunately, the yeast must have died and the rolls never rose.  However, I baked them hoping that they just might turn out ok.  While they weren't quite the bricks I expected them to be, they were no where near to the delicacies I've turned out in the past.  He, however, said they were great and ate three!!  My kids liked them, too.

*Note to self:  don't believe the family next time they compliment my cooking.  It's all a hoax.*

My husband received home-made cards and candy bars wrapped with home-made wrapping from our children.  He beamed as if he had received the latest and greatest tool (or whatever it is farmers beam over).

I, on the other hand, didn't get him a thing.  I am that horrible.  Seriously, what does one get a guy who gets everything he needs whenever he needs it?  What does one get one of the most contented guys in America?  He mentioned a certain type of binoculars a couple of months ago & I didn't have a pen.  Do you think he would tell me the brand again?

As far a card goes....I always have a card or letter for him.  I don't like store-bought cards....I always end up writing what I really want to say in there, anyway.   Sadly, there was no time yesterday or today to write/make him one.  There was no time because I was doing things with Eric and for him, but that still doesn't help the guilt and sorrow I feel not being able to express in words how very much I love him.  Yet, he tells me not to have regrets.  He didn't want me to feel badly. He really is ok with not receiving anything from the one who loves him most!

Then, after church today, I was exhausted.  And freezing.  He was pretty sure I was coming down with something (again).  So, on his birthday, I got an uninterrupted 1 1/2 hour nap!!!  He stayed downstairs with the children while I rested!

After I got up, he took 6 of the kids and picked up Chinese (his favorite) from his favorite little Chinese place in town. (*Note: I did set a nice table with candles, etc., for his birthday dinner.  There, I'm back up for Wife of the Year.*)  While waiting for his order, he takes the kids to the candy store and buys me a box of chocolate for an early Valentine's Day gift as he knows he'll be out of town on that day.  His birthday and he buys me a gift!!!!!!!

This is the kind of man Eric is.  All.  Year.  Long.  He constantly is giving his best for me and for others while expecting & wanting nothing for himself.

America can have all of those egotistical, over-paid football players.  They are nothing compared to the one who loves me.  He makes an honest living by working hard.  He is faithful to me and to our children.  He serves others, but wants no recognition.  He could care less about looking tough, but gives a friendly smile to just about everyone he meets.

This is my husband....and I'm ever so grateful for him.

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