Sunday, February 19, 2012

My Week in Pictures - February 12 - February 18, 2012

My husband was gone most of this week, so we filled it up with some fun things to do.  As my husband is a farmer & works nearby most of the time, it is not often that he is away for 3-4 days at once.  Though we missed him, I found it was much easier this time now that the children are older.  Texting lessened the miles between us, as well.  Friday, we were thrilled to welcome him home.  This next week....back to the routine.  I'm pretty satisfied with that.


 Sunday 2/12 - My husband and I finally had an opportunity to watch this fantastic movie. It was one that we agreed that the children could watch, as well.  

 Monday 2/13 - Just a random shot of the lenses on my shelf.  Notice the dust...the only one I use regularly is the 50 mm...the one I use the most is the one I took this photo with (85mm).

Tuesday 2/14 - A great Valentine's dinner - heart-shaped pizza with good friends! (iPhone photo)

Wednesday 2/15 - After being gone most of the afternoon & evening, the fire was completely out when we came home from church.  Mike put a lot of time into getting it going again.  (iPhone photo)

Thursday 2/16 - Took the kids to the local science museum.  They have an "Extreme Mammal" exhibit.  Which is more extreme - the extinct giant or the 7 crazy children posing with it? (taken w/ my children's Sony Cybershot)

 Friday 2/17 - My daughter and a couple of her classmates in their HOPE photography class.  They are learning so much about one of my favorite art forms! 

Saturday 2/18 - We had gone to my mom's small-town to meet up with her for breakfast.  I was tempted to use a photo my husband took of my girls, my mom, & I - but these posts are to be of photos I take. :(  Oh well.  We got some shots of the beautiful scenery on the way home.  I'm thinking my post-editing added a bit too much of a purple hue.  Then again, it might work....

Hoping everyone has a great week!


Stephanie said...

You have such a cute family! I was homeschooled and have so many great memories of "field trips" we took growing up.

I have a Canon T2i but am a pretty inexperienced photographer, although I do love it. Any sites or books you would recommend for learning?

Victoria said...

Hey, Stephanie!!
A great way to start is by reading through the manual that came with your camera with your camera in hand. That's what I did at first. I really felt good about that method when I found out people pay about $100 to take a course that does exactly that.
There are a ton of photography sites out there, but the best way to learn is to take photos...practice, practice, practice!!!!

i heart faces has a great forum. is an even better site, but a lot more ruthless and cut-throat.

In the end, enjoy taking photos. Do it a lot. Don't be afraid to have your own style.

Let me know if you put up your photos on a site. I'd love to look!! :)