Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

I absolutely LOVE Valentine's Day.  My mom always did a little something special for us when we were children; whether it be a little card and a box of conversation hearts or even a piece of jewelry.  Maybe that was where the seed was planted.

Valentines Day 1990:  My worse Valentine's Day ever.  I was about 17 years old and had a mad crush on a tall, handsome college-guy and we had become friends.  However, he felt the age difference was too great for anything more and had begun dating another girl long-distance.  She was in town that week and while they were spending time together on February 14, I was babysitting for another couple.  It was a sad day for a teenage girl.

Valentine's Day 1991: The tall, handsome college-guy had come to his senses about 7 months before. On February 14th, he came to my house with roses & the sweetest card and I made him dinner.  Though we had not yet come to the point where we would say, "I love you," I felt loved.  It is a memory I cherish in my heart even now.

Valentine's Day 2012:  My tall, handsome farmer left in the morning to attend the National Farm Machinery Show in Louiseville, KY and won't be home until Friday.  He had bought me a heart-shaped box of candy about a week before as he knew we would not be together.  I refused to actually open the box until the actual day.  It's filled with PB Cups - my favorite!!  I spent a few hours the night before making him a Valentine card along with 3 other cards - one for each day he'd be gone.  While we were disappointed that we couldn't be together on my favorite day, the sadness was lessened by the fact that we know how very much we love one another.  Valentine's Day 1990 was so extremely sad as I "loved" someone and knew I wasn't loved in return.  Just knowing I am loved makes all the difference.

We still had a fun day here on February 14th.  We had our 2nd-annual Valentine's Day party & it grew a bit this year.  Forty people came to share the joy of friendship which, let's face it, is based on love.  My brother came and headed up a football game for the older guys while some of the younger boys climbed the snow hill and had snowball fights.  The real little ones stayed inside and were entertained by one of the young ladies from our church who is so dear to us.  The young ladies made home-made valentines and decorated heart-shaped cookies.  Then, we ate...chips, cookies, candy, etc.  We had such a wonderful time!  Unfortunately, it was so busy, I didn't get a chance to take any pictures!  However, one of my friends did and when I get those, I'll share some here.

Everyone left by 4:00.  We finished cleaning up and I started on the chicken wing dip we were going to have with our pizza for dinner.  Another friend of mine (whose husband also went to KY) came with her children bearing heart-shaped pizzas (I'll share a photo of that on My Week in Pictures post).

After a great day with friends, the children and I settled in to watch "Courageous."  Eric and I had watched it on Sunday and were pleased that it was a movie our children could enjoy.  What a blessing it was to see my children laugh and hear them sniffling at the emotional parts.  Half-way through the movie, we received a call from Eric and were able to chat with him for a few minutes.  As he and I were saying good-bye, his parting words were, "Happy Valentine's Day, girl."

Yeah, Valentine's Day 2012 was a wonderful day.

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