Sunday, February 26, 2012

Week in Pictures - Feb. 19-25

Ok, so I've been hit head-on with a doozy of a cold this evening.  In short...this will be short. :)  Only 5 photos this week - no good excuse.  Wish I had one.  Thanks for sticking with me.  Should be feeling better soon.


Sunday 2/19 - Photo not available

Monday 2/20 - had fun taking some photos of the kids.

Tuesday 2/21 - Gloria had her annual ultra-sound for her kidneys due to bladder reflux.  Everything is great and she not doesn't have to go back for 2 more years! (iPhone photo)

 Wednesday 2/22 - Zane got bifocals on Tuesday as his left eye is turning in again when he looks at things up close.  Seem to be helping.  Praying another surgery is not needed.

 Thursday 2/23 - We got quite a bit of snow over-night, but it was melting fast by Thursday morning.  Both Katrina & I made use of it while we could. (click on link on my photo blog in the sidebar)

Friday 2/24 - Photo not available

 Saturday 2/25 - Cinnamon rolls rising.

Hard to believe we're entering the 3rd month of the year this week.  Time is flying, but I'm glad I'm freezing it a bit through these photos.


Jamie Parfitt said...

What no comments? I can just smell those cinnamon rolls! I'd like to taste them! Five photos are better than none. Your children have the most genuine smiles. It makes me smile to look at them!

Katie said...

Aww... I miss your kids smiles... Yum those cinnamon buns look good! (can you share your recipe :) will pray Zane won't have to have another surgery :(...