Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Happy Birthday, Katrina!

On March 22, 2002, at 12:45 a.m. - forty-five minutes after arriving at the hospital - I gave birth to an 8 lb. 3 oz. baby girl.  Her delivery was the most different of any of our children.  It was the fastest, the most painful, and the most surprising.  It was the only time we didn't find out ahead of time what we were having.  Our baby was also born still in the bag of waters.  We named our baby Katrina Grace.  She has been full of surprises and different from her brothers and sisters ever since her arrival.  While her different nature has been a challenge at times, I am growing to appreciate those differences.  

Katrina is very much like her daddy in many respects.  She loves to work with her hands.  She likes people, but she doesn't NEED them.  She hates to be the center of attention; even when we sing "Happy Birthday" to her, she looks like she'd rather crawl under the table until it's over!  She is quiet and listens much of the time.  Katrina does not express happiness and surprise like most people.  You can give her the gift she's been dreaming of for years and, while most 10 year old girls would jump up and down and hug and kiss the giver, Katrina will just give a small smile and say, "Thank you," just like her dad.  We joke and say, "She's jumping up and down on the inside." Katrina also has her daddy's beautiful blue eyes.

Katrina is also very much her "own" person.  She works on her own schedule.  She has a quirky sense of humor.  She loves animals, but not in the typical little girl-way - she enjoys them a bit more maturely.   She isn't the type that wants a lot of hugs and physical attention, but enjoys it once in a while.  She enjoys reading her Bible, but her walk with the Lord will probably always be a private affair.

This past week, on Katrina's 10th birthday, the weather was near 80-degrees.  Perfect for going to a playground - a rarity for a March birthday!  We picked up a friend, packed a lunch, and headed off to the park where the kids had hours of fun playing hide & seek, queens, guards, & pirates, and just running all over the place.  

It was voted the Best Playground Ever by the kids!

 "Shhh....I'm hiding."

 Um, ouch.

 A happy birthday girl

After running around and getting really warm at the playground, we headed to the lake.  The LAKE in MARCH!

 One of their favorite friends with whom my girls love sharing their birthdays.

 Discovering various rocks & creatures along the lake.

 Huck Finn pushing off his raft. 

 Wouldn't it be nice if we all could be this photogenic?


 The beach... full...

...of interesting...


After the lake, we took our friend home and headed back to our house.  Katrina went with her daddy to pick up some Chinese food on which we gorged ourselves!  We then watched her open her presents.

Beautiful dress from Grandma.

Brothers just aren't into pretty dresses.

Easy to please, as always, all she wanted was a journal.  She had much to write for her birthday entry!

The delicious chocolate-truffle cake Grandma makes.

A precious photo to be treasured.

Happy Birthday, Katrina!

Thank You, dear Lord, for this sweet, bright-eyed girl who is teaching me to appreciate the differences in people.  Thank you for her desire to give to others and lead her younger siblings.  She is a precious addition to our family and I am honored You chose me to be her mother.  Bless her in her 10th year & I hope & pray she will strive to please You more with each passing day.


Erin said...

Oops. I missed wishing my fellow birthday girl a happy day!

Hopes and prayers that Katrina's 11th year is filled with evidences of God's hand in her life.

Great photos, Vicki. Makes up for all the days lately that you haven't managed to snap your "daily" shot. :)

Jamie Parfitt said...

I was really provoked at that statement "I'm privileged to be her mother." Provoked to be a worthy mother to each of my eight children! What if one becomes famous? Will they want to admit I am their mother? Will they say, "Her tough way of handling life helped me learn to deal with gruff people?" Or will they be able to say, "She was kind and compassionate and that inspired me"? Wow, you always give me something to think about.