Monday, March 12, 2012

Missionary Monday - the Shulls

A couple of weeks ago, I was preparing to teach my Geography class and the week's lesson was going to be covering the continent of North America.  Some do not realize that Greenland is part of North America. Many think it's part of Europe, if they even think about it at all.  I mean, seriously, how much of our time is spent thinking about Greenland...or any other country besides our own, for that matter?

Some facts I discovered about Greenland:
It is the world's largest island
Eighty-Five percent of the country is covered in ice up to a mile thick
It snows about 9-10 months out of the year
The sun doesn't come up for 3 months during the winter
There are just over 57,000 people in Greenland - there are a lot more people in the county I live in!
Greenland is a territory of Denmark and the national religion is the Lutheran Church of Denmark - in fact, it's an actual branch of the government
High school is optional in Greenland; there are only 2 in the entire country and the villages in which they are in house the students who come in to attend
Though there are hospitals, citizens must fly out of the country if they need major medical care
Sled dogs are used often and only one type of dog is allowed in Greenland

When I was reading about the frozen & difficult conditions of the country and the few people who live there, I could not help but think: "They are still souls that need to know Christ.  Is there any one there telling them?"

It took me a while, but I found the Shull Family.  They are sent out of Victory Baptist Church in Wilmington, DE and associated with the Points North Baptist Mission (a mission board that focuses directly on missionaries sent to the Arctic people. Arctic-living is difficult and this board helps with the conditions and situations specific to these places).

The Shulls are the first Baptist missionaries ever to be allowed into Greenland.  Though 95% of the citizens are baptized into the Lutheran church, most people do not attend.  Reading through the Shulls blog, it is evident that Greenland is a spiritually dark country.  Suicide, alcoholism, & abortion abound throughout the various towns and villages.  In fact, on Thursdays the hospital in Ilulissat is only open to perform abortions.  That's in a town of just 5,000 people!

The Shulls arrived in Greenland in 2007, have 5 young children and are working together as a family to reach their neighbors and townspeople for the Lord.  It is their mission to establish a church in Ilulissat and make that their base while they plant other Bible-believing churches in other villages.

Please read about the Shulls ministry, the country of Greenland, and their daily life & prayer requests over on their blog, Arctic Adventures: A Glimpse into Our Life at the Top of the World!  The page about their field is where I gleaned much of my information on the northern most country in our continent.

Pray for the Shulls.  The hardships and isolation of their field and ministry are immense, I am sure.  May God continue to give them the love, grace, strength, and joy to accomplish His mission.


Chris, Carole, and Clan said...

Oh, I feel so honored that you would post about us, who you've never met! The picture you posted is of our town. So beautiful. Greenland is a spiritually dark country and desperately needs prayer... and missionaries! We really do appreciate all the prayer for these people. Thank You.

Love the picture of your children! What big, beautiful smiles! All those gaps are so cute. We are going through a toothless stage here... Three of our children are losing them, our fourth is hoping to start losing his, and we are all wondering when the fifth child's teeth will start coming in!

Dani Henriksen said...

some of your facts are wrong about greenland, its only in the north where the sun is missing for 3 months, in the east, west and south there is 5 hrs of sunlight everyday,,highschool is not only 2 but more than that plus a university, a business school, a teacher seminarium and a nursing school,,there is a national hospital with modern facility, that only special cases are flown to denmark for treatment,,why do i know this? bcoz i live in Nuuk, the capital city of Greenland:-)