Monday, March 5, 2012

Missionary Monday - the Matacchieras

I'm trying a new feature on my blog.  As I've been teaching a World Geography class in our homeschool co-op, I've been made even more aware of distant lands, their need for Christ, and the missionaries in those places...or lack thereof.   Therefore, I would like to make you all aware of different missionaries all over the world.  Some, you may already know.  Some may be new names.  My desire is that you would pray for these missionaries.  Maybe not for the rest of your life, but for one week.  From Monday to Monday until I introduce the next missionary.  If you pray for them for a week, there will be times in the next months & years that God will bring them to your mind and you will pray.  In this way, we can have a large part in world missions...even if we never leave our home-town.

Our first missionary:  Damon & Lisa Matacchiera and family

Damon is the oldest son of the first missionary family that was sent out from our church in the year 2000.  He was a recent high school graduate when his family set out to reach Zambia, Africa for Christ.  While serving along-side his father, Damon felt called by God to continue reaching the Zambian people even after he would be married and on his own.

In 2004, Damon married Lisa,  a young lady who also attended our church.  The two of them set off on deputation and later settled in Kitwe, Zambia where they helped Damon's family for a time.  Recently, they have begun a work in Chipata, Zambia.  Their mission is to win souls, plant churches, and train nationals to have a burden for their own people.  Zambia is a poor country with over 10 million people & a low life expectancy.  Christ died for each one of these people and He does not want them to die without Him.  The mission is an urgent one.

Damon and Lisa have two precious little girls, an adorable son, and another baby will arrive in October 2012.  I love following Lisa on Facebook and really learning about what a missionary-wife/mom's life is like on the field.  Lisa is dedicated to making their house a home and nurturing their children to have a walk with the Lord.  Through Lisa's updates, I know they deal with unpredictable internet, daily power outages, bouts of malaria, & poisonous snakes, yet she keeps an upbeat and cheerful attitude - even now as those challenges are compounded by the nausea and exhaustion due to early pregnancy.

The missionaries I will feature on this blog will be those who have blogs or websites they update frequently, as it will be easier for you to get to know them and keep up with what God is doing in their lives and ministries.  Damon & Lisa do a wonderful job with their blogs.  Damon's focuses on their ministry while Lisa's keep us informed on their family-life.
                  Damon's Blog: Inside Zambia
                  Lisa's Blog:  Hilltop Happenings

Go on over and learn about the Matacchieras.  Pray for them...and let them know you are praying.  An encouraging word from their brothers & sisters in Christ, I am sure, goes a long way in giving them the motivation they need to continue serving the Lord from day to day.

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