Monday, March 19, 2012

My Week in Pictures - March 11-17, 2012

What a beautiful week it was!!!  The warm weather hit and the kids spent much of their time outside & went to bed late just about every night as we hated to make them come in.  I must say, though, that as farmers, we're not as excited about this weather as many New Yorkers are.  The other shoe must fall....however, we did take the opportunity to grill some yummy steaks on Thursday evening.  Saturday brought Katrina's 10th birthday party and she had a blast bowling with her friends.  Nice weather, family time, and can't ask for a better week!


Sunday 3/11 - The night before, our good friends who have moved back from Alaska came for a visit. They brought us some whale to sample.  Thought I'd take a photo of it before we divided it among ourselves on Sunday afternoon.

Monday 3/12 - This and a banana made up my lunch for the day.  Counting calories least this juice is loaded with the vitamins I need. (iPhone photo)

Tuesday 3/13 - Counting calories doesn't mean cutting all the "good" stuff out...just eat less.  Only ate one of these and enjoyed it immensely! (iPhone photo)

Wednesday 3/14 - The warm weather has the chickens literally spreading their wings.  This beautiful rooster is one that my daughter hatched in her incubator this past fall. (iPhone photo)

 Thursday 3/15 - Delmonico steaks on the grill.  Can't you just smell them?  These were the best-tasting steaks I've ever had...and fed from our own corn.

Friday 3//16 - Crazy day.  No photos.  Still doing better than last week.

 Saturday 3/17 - The happy birthday girl at her party.  What a blessing to find a church with a bowling alley - had it all to ourselves, no music, no bar.  Family friendly, indeed!

I'm looking forward to another great week!


~SALLY~ said...

Oh yes...grilling, warm weather...I am SO ready for this weather! Love your week in pictures posts, they are so fun! :) Have a great day!

Jamie Parfitt said...

Was that a chocolate whale?

Jenna said...

I was wondering the same thing about the little whale! :)