Monday, March 26, 2012

My Week in Pictures - March 18-24

I should re-title this series, "My LIFE in Pictures" or "My INCONSISTENCIES in Pictures."  While I am definitely using my cameras and capturing more life-moments this year than I ever have before, I am not very good at getting shots daily.  There are various reasons for this, but I must admit, the main reason is forgetfulness.  7 kids, homeschool, shopping, illness, visits, planning various activities....have no idea why I forget to pick up a camera every single day.


Sunday & Monday 3/18 & 19 - Forgot. ;)

Tuesday 3/20 - My daughter is a mother's helper & returned home w/ this portrait of my husband & I drawn by the 4 year old.  I always wanted to be tall and thin with big hair.  (iPhone photo)

 Wednesday 3/21 - The 70-degree temperatures were perfect for our first visit to the pond for the year.  (iPhone photo)

Thursday 3/22 - Katrina's 10th birthday. We had a dinner of Chinese take-out and a delicious cake made by Grandma.  More photos of her birthday will follow in another post.

 Friday 3/23 - Zane had his follow-up appointment to see how the bifocals were helping.  The results of his vision test proved that his left-eye needs some re-training.  When I heard that he needed to be patched, I almost cried.  When I found out it's only for 2 hours/day, I felt much better.  The adorable train helps, too!  (iPhone photo)

 Saturday 3/24 - The only picture I took was this one to send to my mother-in-law.  Zane actually is really good about the patch - so far.  (iPhone photo)

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Jamie Parfitt said...

I can't get over your kids' HUGE smiles! The tall and thin and big hair was funny. :-)

:-[) I just figured out how to type a mustache, and I don't need to. :-[(