Sunday, March 4, 2012

Week in Pictures - February 26-March 3

When I posted last week, I was just getting sick.  I am getting over illness now (I think) and this cold has hit most of the family.  I think we had a family record low church attendance this morning - only our 2 oldest went!!  Because my head was in a fog most of the week, I neglected to take pictures a couple of days.  But, I have most of the week!


 Sunday, 2/26 - Farm fresh eggs.  No, they don't come out of the hens perfectly clean.

Monday, 2/27 - Sick in bed.  A couple of my meds - Jr. mints & a homeschool magazine. (iPhone photo)

Tuesday, 2/28 - No photo :(

 Wednesday 2/29 - One of my students. ;)

 Thursday, 3/1 - Look what I found in the bathroom! (iPhone photo)

Friday, 3/2 - No photo :(
Saturday, 3/3 - Can't wait to go through this book with my 14 year old son! (iPhone photo)

Hoping you all are healthy and have a wonderful week!


Jamie Parfitt said...

I know that fog feeling! I have it now! Can't believe how many boxes of tissues we are going through!I really liked the picture of the parakeet on the bathroom sink! :-)

Victoria said...

Aww, Jamie....I hope you feel better real soon!!