Monday, April 2, 2012

My Week in Pictures - March 25-March 31

Well, as proven by the following photos, our week was uneventful.  We spent it coughing and trying to get better by the weekend.  We were somewhat successful.  But, it was a week of "normal" living....just the way it needs to be from time to time!


Sunday 3/25 -  I was in bed until 9:30 a.m., back in bed at 12:20 until 8:00 pm & still sick when I got up. Hence, no photo.

 Monday 3/26 - Anna is an avid reader and, therefore, loves her Kindle. (iPhone photo)

 Tuesday 3/27 - re-learning how to hold her violin.  Who knew short necks could cause such problems? (iPhone photo)

Wednesday 3/28 - busy day running here & there.  No photo.  Did celebrate the fact that a dear friend was offered a great job after years of unemployment!

 Thursday 3/29 - Enjoyed an evening playing games with the younger kids while the older ones worked on their newspaper. (iPhone photo)

 Friday 3/30 - Celebrated my dear mom's birthday with her favorite cake! (iPhone photo)

Saturday 3/31 - Almost a year to the day after a close friend of mine had an aneurysm that nearly took her life, we celebrated her upcoming marriage at her bridal shower Saturday afternoon.

Birthdays, new jobs, time with family, bridal showers, the gift of life - maybe even the "ordinary" weeks aren't so ordinary after all.  God is good!


Jamie Parfitt said...

Not so ordinary indeed. So glad you got well enough for those two celebrations. The cakes are so pretty!

~SALLY~ said...

Love love LOVE the cake!! It looks so yummy! :)