Monday, May 28, 2012

Are we to thank veterans on Memorial Day?

Every Memorial Day it's the same.  I hear many people encouraging others to thank a veteran on this national day of remembrance.  While I love our veterans, this is NOT the purpose of this day.  I tend to get a bit annoyed by the seeming ignorance of other citizens in this matter;  however, I am beginning to realize the place of thanking a living veteran on Memorial Day.  I think, as Americans, we are so grateful for the price many have paid for our freedom that we want to thank someone...though, in all honesty, we cannot thank those who paid the ultimate price.

If you thank a veteran today, remember you ONLY do so because you cannot thank those for whom Memorial Day is intended - those who never made it home from battle.  Veterans' Day is set aside for those who fought, came home, and continue to live their lives.  Memorial Day is for those who have etched themselves in our memories by giving their last breath for our freedom.  If you thank a veteran today, thank him in the memory of the fallen soldier.


Unknown said...

Unfortunately I see many posts on Facebook thanking veterans, and not mentioning the dead. People aren't thanking veterans because they can't thank those who have died, they're doing it because they don't understand the purpose of Memorial Day. They think it's Veterans Day.

Erin said...

I agree. Memorial Day is a celebration in honor of those who sacrificed their lives for our freedom, and for the freedom of so many around the world. But, as the wife of a veteran, I am grateful when ANYONE, AT ANY TIME, thanks my husband for his service. So, Memorial Day is not to celebrate our living veterans, but should Veterans' Day be the only day that we do celebrate them? I should hope not. Thank a veteran here and now. On Veterans' Day AND Memorial Day. The veteran you thank today might be one we end up memorializing in the future.

Victoria said...

Erin - I agree...we should celebrate our Vets all the time. Thank those that you can while you can. I just hate to see our fallen heroes completely over-looked.

Thanks to your husband for his years of service!