Thursday, May 3, 2012


Oh my!  I haven't been here in about a month and it appears the whole world has changed.  Well, the Blogger world.  I'm looking at my screen and it's completely different.  Very appropriate.

Why appropriate?

Well, because things around this blog are going to change.  At least, for now.  I will come and go as I please.  I will not be held to any self-inflicted schedule or assignments.  Lack of commitment?  Maybe.  Depends on your perspective.  My commitment is to my family.  I also have other commitments that I must adhere to.  This blog is on the bottom of the priority/commitment list.  I contemplated eliminating it altogether.  But, I love to write too much.  I can't do that.  But, I won't be here as often.  Well, as often as I was before I "left" for a month.

Photos will still be here.  Stories of my family will still be here.  Some heart-felt thoughts may still show up.

I will try not to waste your time or mine.  Lately, I've stayed away from a lot of blogs because, quite frankly, they often make my stomach turn.  "Look what an awesome wife & mom I am!"  "My life really isn't perfect...REALLY!  It just appears that way most of the time."  "Aren't my kids the cutest?  They even have matching & perfectly clean outfits.  Every. Single. Day."  "I love being a mom & homeschooling.  I NEVER have a day that I regret it.  I adore my kids and think they are precious EVERY minute."

I am totally afraid of sounding the same way here.  Not that I want to be a complaint-filled blog, either.  Because I only want to edify in a realistic way (quite a difficult task at times), I would rather be silent for long stretches than inadvertently discourage other moms.

Does any of that make sense?

How self-important am I?  Does any one REALLY care about what I think about certain aspects of life?  I'm not asking that to receive encouragement or pity or anything else like that.  It's more of a "life-is-too-short-to-think-that-others-really-need-to-know-all-I'm-thinking" kind of statement.

I'm happy when people stop by and read.  I'm happy when I can encourage someone.  I'm happy when I can make people laugh or smile.  Sometimes, it's important to me when people shed tears over something I've it's important to grieve once in a while.  But, I'm not sure that I can do these things every day or every week.

So, stop by every so often to see if there is something here to encourage you.  If there's nothing new, I'm keeping busy raising my kids among other things.

Your word of encouragement for today - no job is inferior if it's being done to the glory of God.  If you do it for Him, He will one day say, "Well done." That's what it's all about.


Jamie Parfitt said...

Just LMB. :-)

Stephanie said...

Just stopping in to say hi as it's been a while since I've blogged :)

Good for you! There really can be pressure in keeping a blog...producing enough posts, gaining readers and comments, etc. It's good to realize what your priorities are and then use blogging as you see fitting rather than feeling that pressure. And I can really identify with the perfect image thing so many blogs show. It's a challenge to me to try and be real about life, sharing joys and challenges but without going over the privacy line.

Erin said...

That makes perfect sense, and your priorities are completely in order. Keep doing exactly what the Lord would have you to, Vicki. And thanks for being real!

Love you, friend...