Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thanking God for Family

As this is Thursday, my niece & nephew were here for the day.  This is truly one of the highlights
of our week - especially for the children. They love having time with their cousins.  Today, they read together, played games, baked cupcakes...overall, just had a great time.  My favorite part?  My nephew discovered how much fun Zane is.  He never really realized what a fun kid his cousin can be and it was
sweet to watch the two of them play together.

Family is such treasure.  While I was never close with my cousins while we were growing up, I am so grateful that my children know almost all of theirs.  Though a few of their cousins live hundreds of miles away, they've met most of them and truly can say they love them.

Tonight, I thank God for family and the precious relationship we have with ours.

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