Thursday, August 2, 2012

Friends, Old and New

This week has been a busy one.  Four of our children have been attending VBS each morning at my brother's church, while I have been preparing for our upcoming 50th anniversary celebration for my in-laws.  We also squeezed in a birthday celebration for sweet Gloria.

Sadly, I just realized I completely erased all the photos from Gloria's 7th birthday.  Truly a sad moment for me, as I have all of my children's birthdays recorded photographically.  *sigh*

On Monday, a dear friend came for dinner.  It has been 8 months since we've seen her and this week, we got to meet her sweet new baby girl.

We were sad that hubby/daddy couldn't come up this time, but we had a wonderful visit with Mommy & baby...who are both beautiful!  It's hard when friends move away, but our visits together become even more treasured.

I was pretty happy with this little dessert I found on Pinterest.  Easiest cheesecake recipe I've ever tried!

Today, we had my in-laws and my husband's nieces over for dinner.  One niece has been here all summer, while the other arrived late last night.  It was so good to meet her.  Both are so sweet and we will be so sad when they leave this coming week.

However, tonight we welcomed another "member" of the family.  Our daughter Cassia has dreamed of having a horse she can ride for a few years.  Our old (and I mean that literally) horse, Joy, is sweet as can be, but REFUSES to be  ridden.

So, while Cassia has had fun grooming her and leading her, it's been her desire to be able to just ride.  So, after a few months of searching, her new friend arrived.

Rosebud (aka Rosie) is a Morgan horse with a blood-line to be envied, apparently.  She's smart as can be and just as gentle.  Joy wasn't sure what to think of her, at first, but we are sure they will be great companions very soon.

Cassia is in love with her new horse and a more truly-grateful child, I do not know.  We don't make a great habit of giving such large gifts, etc., but she has earned Rosebud in so many ways.

 "All horses deserve, at least once in their life, to be loved by a little girl."

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Jamie Parfitt said...

She's a beauty. She looks intelligent. Happy trails, Cassia!