Wednesday, October 31, 2012

What We are Doing on Halloween

Tonight, we are excited to be taking our kids church.

Instead of celebrating ghosts, goblins and zombies, we are celebrating a living Saviour.  Instead of thinking about witches, which God condemns, we will be worshipping God in song.  Instead of listening to scary stories and watching frightening movies, we will be listening to the words of Jesus found in the Bible.  Instead of trying to look like a super-hero, we are asking the Lord that others would see Christ in us more each day.  Tonight, instead of going up and down the street asking for treats, we are going to church and asking the Lord for a blessing and for His grace to live like Him.  We seek His boldness to go house to house, not asking others to give to us, but to give the good news of His love to our neighbors.  

The scariest thing about tonight, is realizing how much I fall short of God's holiness & righteousness.  The best treat, however, is knowing He loves me as His child any way.  No amount of chocolate could ever be sweeter.


Erin said...

So beautifully put, Vicki. Not to mention convicting. My Saviour IS the sweetest of all sweets. :]

Jamie Parfitt said...