Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Quiet Time

I spread out my Bible and Bible notebook on the table.  I lay my Kindle nearby from which I will read my daily devotional from Charles Spurgeon along with my other journal.  I open my Bible to Hosea, where I left off last time.

I usually get up in the morning before everyone else and have my time alone with the Lord.  However, I foolishly went to bed late on Monday night and now I was trying to get that time at 9:00 p.m.

"Mom, I think we should make these," my daughter says as she opens her history book to a recipe.  Then begins a look through the various fun activities in her book and some planning.

The four younger children are already in bed.  Soon, all three of the oldest kids are sitting at the table and we're having an unplanned evening chat before they head to bed.

Bedtime comes and I get back to my reading.  Various children kiss me goodnight before heading to bed.

"Can I read for a while?"
"Can I listen to my iPod for a bit?"

Yes, on both counts.

My eyes go back to my Bible, but here comes one of the younger kids who was already in bed (the one who comes back down almost every night).  Another kiss and another good-night.

Now Eric is trying to figure out why the internet won't work.  In and out of the house, messing with this plug here and that attachment there.  Mumbling going on in the front room as he attempts to solve the problem (successfully, I might add).

Trying to focus on my reading.  Re-reading that verse again.

A few minutes later, my husband reminds me that I need to make a list of all the medical bills for the tax report.  Our book-keeper wanted it a couple of days ago, apparently.

"Can I just finish my Bible reading first?"

I finish reading a couple of chapters in Hosea.  I read the evening portion of Spurgeon's words.  I enter two sentences into my journal:

"It is impossible to have a quiet time in a noisy environment.  Meet with God early in the morning before the hub-bub of life begins."

I was up early this morning.

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