Monday, December 16, 2013

Springtime in Winter

For the last few months, I have felt the need to just "get away."  Away from the stress of everyday life, projects, responsibilities, relationships.  I just felt like getting away would give me the time with God I needed, quiet, and time to think and refocus.  God gave me exactly that…right smack-dab in the middle of Chicago.

My husband wanted to go to the AgSummit held by DTN/Progressive Farmer.  It was being held in a lovely Marriott hotel on Michigan Ave…just down the road from the Chicago Tribune, the NBC building, Michael Jordan's Steakhouse, and blocks away from Soldiers Stadium.  He and I flew out first thing Sunday morning and didn't come home until late Wednesday night.  Four whole days…away.  No school.  No directing chores.  No refereeing arguments.  No meals to make.  No appointments.  No stressful relationships to deal with.  No organizing projects or groups.

The Lord allowed me to wake up early every morning on the 16th floor over the city street and spend quiet time with Him.  I read His Word, talked to Him, sang praises to Him, read Spurgeon and other encouraging words, and listened to music that glorified Him.  I had quiet…in the city.

I spent one morning at a corner cafe eating a blueberry muffin, drinking a hot mocha, and reading a good book.  I spent time eating meals, shopping, and having fun with several ladies whose husbands were in the same meetings with Eric.  I met a sweet friend who only could have come from God and I hope will be a life-time friend.

In the evenings, Eric and I had receptions and dinners with his group, then we would go for a walk and explore Chicago…together.  We talked.  We laughed.  We held hands.  We kissed.  The snow fell, the wind blew, the Christmas lights shone on the tree-lined streets.  It was like being in a holiday movie.

Throughout the days, something wonderful happened.  The burdens slipped away.  I cast my cares on God & left them with Him.  My relationship with God was renewed and my relationship with Eric was made fresh and alive after a bit of dormancy.

I am home and back in the routine, but I don't feel as tired and weary.  I am not crying at every turn.  I feel alive again.  Love has bloomed once more - for my God and my husband.  The clouds have lifted and the skies are clear.

It's like Springtime in the midst of Winter.  Only God could make that happen and I praise Him for loving me enough to give me this gift in His perfect time.


Suzy Morris said...

Absolutely lovely. Miss and love you my are still near and dear to my heart although we don't talk or see each other often. XO Sue

Sheryl Aeschliman said...

Chicago was fun and I hear that tea and a cup of noisy coffee go well together!:) Love ya!

Jamie Parfitt said...

Glad you got such a special treat. Actually two of them! :-)