Monday, January 6, 2014

2014: The Year of ERIC

So, apparently, it is the latest trend to have a WORD for the new year.  A word that will state your goals, your priorities, your intentions, your theme.  A WORD that you hope will define your year.  I noticed this trend for the first time last year, thanks to Twitter.  I thought it was a relatively dumb idea, but, to each his own.

While I am still not sold on the WORD idea, I did find an idea that was worthwhile.  Sarah Mae made her husband's name her WORD for 2014.  Some of her readers liked the idea and adopted it.  Now, there is a small group making their husbands their WORD.  That, I like.

In 2013, as I struggled in several areas, ERIC became less of a priority.  In my brokenness a few weeks ago, I realized that I needed to fight for my marriage.  I needed to appreciate ERIC, love him, care for him, and not take him for granted.

In the midst of this time and God speaking to me in personal ways, I came across Sarah Mae's indirect challenge.  Make my husband my WORD.  My priority.  My focus.  My theme of 2014.

ERIC.  My man.  My love.  My word.

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Unknown said...

I've actually done the Word for the Year thing for a while as a w to keep myself accountable to spiritual growth in an area that I knew needed growth. I don't have my word for this year yet. Maybe I will make it Damon. :-)