Thursday, November 27, 2014


I sent a Thanksgiving Day e-mail to a group of friends this morning, but then I thought I would share it with you all:

This year, by God's grace, thanks-giving has been slowly becoming a way of life for me.  I am learning to see the gifts God has given in the every day, in the happy, in the sad.  Oh, it is easy to give thanks when all my children are behaving, when there is money in the bank account, when the van is running well, when the ministry God has given me is full of people, when people are kind and friendly, when I and those I love are healthy.  

However, the Bible says that thanks-giving is a sacrifice.  It is the sacrifice that I am slow to learn.  To give thanks while holding a precious baby girl who never took an earthly breath; to give thanks when friends cry and I have no answers to give; to give thanks when friends reject me; to give thanks in the midst of pain - physical or otherwise.

I could tell myself (and I have), "We've been hit with this sickness, but it could be much worse" or "While these one or two friends have walked away, look at the many who still love me," etc. - in essence, "focus on the positive rather than the negative."

While there is much truth to that, the giving of thanks in the hard times - for the hard times - is a sacrifice of particular sweetness.  Thanking Him for the grace we experience in loss, for the comfort only He can give in our hurt, for the realization of how truly precious the promise He makes that He will never leave or forsake me.  

At the same time, it is when I give thanks in the hard things - for the hard things - that my gaze comes around to the many, many truly lovely things He has placed in my life.  The health, the love, the provisions, the beauty, the grace, the forgiveness, the promises given and kept….OH! There's so 
much of the lovely!!!!!  It is in the sacrifice of praise that my mourning - whatever it may be - is 
turned into dancing. 

There is joy in thanks-giving.  May you all have a joyous Thanksgiving Day!

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Mrs. Abigail Miller said...

Thanks, Vicki... I am finding this lesson very hard just now. This very day. The Lord pointed out two words to me that I am finding it difficult to chew and swallow.I am making it a goal to meditate on them and others like them until I get it... But not having a lot of success yet. It was this, "take pleasure." In what? In infirmities, reproaches, persecutions, necessities, and distresses... For Christ's sake. I had to just put a question mark in my notes... Take pleasure? I'm sure it is linked closely to giving thanks for all things. So I'm making a search of it. Anyway, I appreciate your thoughts. Have a blessed Thanksgiving day.