Wednesday, January 21, 2015

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This is just a quick mid-week post in case some of you would like to join me in participating in Sarah Mae's 31 Days to Clean.  

If you are like me (and, apparently, Sarah Mae), you would rather do anything but clean.  As I experience a great measure of peace in a clean home, I do clean on a regular basis, but that does not mean I like it.  My problem, I find, is that once I start, I have a tough time stopping.  It's the A.D.D. in me.  I start sweeping the floor, then figure I should mop.  Once I'm done with that, the windows look dirty, so I start in on those.  While I'm washing them, I notice the dirty trim around the windows and wipe those down.  Of course, I then notice the dirty walls…you get the idea.  All the while, I am supposed to be helping my children with school, making supper, or some other such necessary motherly duty.  Truthfully, I often rope my kids into the whole escapade, which they just rejoice over - as you can imagine.

Anyway, I saw that Sarah Mae was going to do this 31 Days to Clean thing and it intrigued me.  I ordered the book (Kindle edition) for .99 on Monday, but you don't need to do that.  You can just follow her daily blog posts.  I love the fact that she breaks it down to a job or two a day.  Definitely do-able.

Today, was not a job I love.  In fact, it is my least favorite of cleaning-jobs.  It took me a while because I am an over-achiever and if I am going to do a job, it needs to be done right.  But, now that it's done, I am so glad that it's out of the way…and clean.  And, yes, I had to resist the urge to continue cleaning everything in the immediate vicinity.  My challenge this month is to stay on task and stick to the assignment so I don't become overwhelmed.  

To find out what my least favorite, most detested cleaning job is (that I did, indeed, complete today), head on over to Sarah Mae's blog.  Maybe it's your least favorite, too.  Do what I did…turn up the music and get 'er done!

NOTE:  To start at the beginning of 31 Days to Clean (we're only 2 days in) click on the second link in post. For today's assignment, click on the first and last.  

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