Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Life with Teens

I currently have three teenagers residing under my roof.  In 2 months and 2 days, I will have four.  Yes, four teenagers in my house.  There will be a 10-month span where I will have 5 teens, but that is not for another 20 months, so I just won't think about it right now.

In all actuality, this is the time my husband and I were most looking forward to in our parenting journey.  A bunch of teenagers would be fun, we thought.  I believe my husband's exact words were, "this will be a hopping house!"

Hopping is right.  Let me give you a peek into our life:

-There is a girl usually baking something in my kitchen several times a week
-There is a boy tackling younger brothers or picking them up and turning them upside down several times a day
-Questions whether school work will be done in time for graduation
-Discussions of college courses
-My son talking about buying a vehicle
-Driving lessons - I just have to say, I always thought I would be exempt from this terrifying job.  How wrong I was.  I am declaring right now, though, I refuse to teach parallel parking.  
-Late night discussions about the seriousness and hilarity of life
-Animals I never dreamed would be in my house.  Particularly, pet mice.  Mom, Dad, and babies.  I admit it, I have actually gone to the store and bought mouse food.  Not one person warned me of this.
-Seeing my youngest son sitting happily in my oldest son's lap while the family plays a game
-Seeing my youngest son perched on my oldest son's shoulders
-Planning a graduation
-Having my phone auto-correct the word "no" into "pecan pie" because one of my teens is smarter than I am
-Having a clean kitchen after supper and I didn't have to do anything
-Keeping track of which kid is involved in which ministry, where, when and what day
-Hearing piano duets
-Hearing piano/violin duets
-Seeing my son go off with friends to shop, get pizza, hang out.  I am blessed that he has amazing friends so I never have to worry.
-Girls arguing over a favorite skirt
-Learning to figure out when to mother and when to step back.  This is hard, people.
-Seeing my kids laugh with friends
-Seeing my kids say goodbye to friends not knowing when they will see them again
-Tears...lots of them
-Laughter...lots of it
-Harsh words
-Watching my three oldest learn to deal with each other with more grace
-Praying harder than I have before.  That God would keep them and use them.  That He would guide me...and them.

We have three teenagers.  This is, indeed, a hopping house.  While I often want to pull out my hair or feel completely inadequate, I sit here now and realize that I truly do love having teenagers.  This part of the parenting journey is a pretty cool adventure.

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