Monday, January 12, 2015

Move with Compassion

Matthew 9:36 - But when he saw the multitudes, he was moved with compassion on them…"

As I read this verse the other day, I realized that Jesus did what He did on this earth because of compassion.  Jesus Christ travelled on foot from one city to the next village to the next house to the local synagogue.  He preached.  He taught.  He fed multitudes food.  He fed multitudes grace and mercy.  Jesus made the blind man see, the lame man walk, the dead damsel live, the lepers clean.  The old woman with an issue of blood just touched his garments and He healed her.  The centurion believed and his son was healed - without Jesus ever laying physical eyes on the lad.  Jesus healed hundreds, perhaps thousands, of hurting people.  He raised many to life.

Then, He allowed Himself to be arrested.  He allowed His holy body to be beaten and bruised.  He patiently allowed His healing hands and traveling feet to be nailed with large spikes onto the rugged cross.  He forgave and then He died.  But then, He rose again to go to heaven to prepare a place for us, promising to come back and receive us to Himself.

Jesus Christ did all of these things because compassion moved Him into action.  Jesus was not just filled with compassion.  He did not just feel compassion.  Oh, he had to feel and be filled first, but then, the compassion that filled him fueled Him to move.  He was filled with such compassion that He could not just sit by and watch people hunger, watch them wander in the dark, watch them deteriorate on a bed, watch parents grieve the loss of their child.  The power was in Him to do something…to heal, to raise, to feed, to love.  His compassion moved Him to use that power.

I just finished the incredible book Kisses from Katie.  Katie Davis first had a feeling, then a filling of compassion.  The filling has fueled her to move with compassion on a daily basis.  She hugs and loves dirty children, she treats children who have worms, she helps nurse HIV and AIDS patients, she cleans up vomit, she lives far away from the luxurious lifestyle in which she was brought up.  Why?  Because compassion moves her.  

So many of us feel compassion.  A few of us may be filled with compassion.  But, are we filled so much that we move with compassion?  When I see a need, do I feel badly or do I move to do something?  What power or gift has God given me that compassion can move me to use for the benefit of another human being?  What material goods will I be moved to give away because of compassion?  What comforts am I willing to forego because compassion is fueling me into action?

A truly compassionate soul is moved.  To tears.  To prayer.  To more.  What does that more mean for me?  For you?  

There are multitudes in need.  In need of food.  In need of shelter.  In need of clothing.  In need of love.  In need of Jesus.  Lord, fill me and fuel me with compassion enough to move me.

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