Saturday, February 7, 2015

Saturday Scripture, Sayings, and Suggestions: February 7, 2015

It has been quiet on the blog this week because life has not been.  Our homeschool co-op started back up on Friday after a 4 month due to illness and the holidays.  I was busy getting the new schedule and assistants organized along with preparing lessons for the two classes I was going to be teaching. In the midst of all of that, we celebrated my husband's birthday on Thursday.  I felt bad for sharing his birthday with the craziness of ministry, but I realized again how blessed I am to have a husband who is patient - and who truly only wants a ham dinner with his family on his birthday and not much else!  The first day back at co-op was a blast and, while we were technically short-handed, it was great to see, once again, that God's hand is enough.  I had the added bonus of being able to relax over lunch yesterday afternoon with my life-long best friend.  What a gift she is and any time I get to spend with her.
Now, it is Saturday and time to switch my focus back to my house and those who live in it. Have I mentioned lately how much I am loving life?  Oh, it's not perfect…it's not supposed to be…but the God who leads my is and I am rejoicing in Him.  How about you?  


…the earth is full of the goodness of the Lord. 
Psalm 33:5

…Let all the inhabitants of the world stand in awe of him.
Psalm 33:8

I will bless the lord at all times:  his praise shall continually be in my mouth.
Psalm 34:1



Let me introduce you to a very special girl.  Her name is Molly Little.  She is six years old.  She is a part of a very special family; one that is filled with love, strength and the grace of God.  Molly was diagnosed with DIPG in June.  DIPG is 100% fatal…and Molly is currently walking the last leg of this journey.  If you have not yet met Molly and her family, you need to do so.  Right now.  They have allowed us to enter their lives in this time.  They have allowed us to see their joy, their tears, their questions, their fears.  They have allowed us to see the reality of God's strength and His grace.  Go, meet them.  Read.  Cry.  Pray.  Then, go love your family and rejoice in God's goodness and faithfulness.

Recently, a friend of mine named Esther began a blog community: Network of Silver.  I have mentioned it here before.  Esther was actually a student of mine when my husband and I lived in Vermont and she was in the 8th grade.  She is now a godly wife and mother of three.  I have another friend named Julie, pictured above with her husband and one of her 3 daughters - Molly.  I also first met Julie when she was in high school and I saw her grow up, meet her husband, get married, travel the world due to the military.  And now, I watch from afar as she goes through the most difficult and heart-wrenching journey of her life.  Neither of these friends of mine have ever met personally.  They have met via social media - Esther following the journey of this family.  
I say all that to say that Julie is this weekend's guest writer at Network of Silver.  She writes about marriage in the midst of the battle.  Two girls that I have seen grow up.  Two young women facing their own battles.  Two women that I see the grace of God shining through.  If they ever met in person, they would be instant friends.  They would love one another.  Just as I love both of them and am so honored to know them.

I was going to post more, but I just don't feel led to right now.  This is February - the month of love.  The Littles are living love.  May you live love this weekend in praying for them and anyone in your life who is hurting or facing a battle.  If you need some loving prayers, don't hesitate to ask in the comments.

 I just may repost these "suggestions" on Monday. 

Love this weekend.

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