Monday, March 23, 2015

CELEBRATE - with fattening food!

Twitter is an amazing source of information.  Useful or otherwise, it is where I get most of my news, happenings, and interesting facts with which to amaze my family.

Ok, well, not amaze exactly.

So, I was scrolling through my Twitter feed today (@teaching7athome) and noticed Carlo's Bakery (of Cake Boss fame) (@CarlosBakery) mention that today was chip -n- dip day!  AND….instead of the same old thing, he was celebrating with cannoli chips and dip!  However, he had the audacity to NOT post the recipe.  Go figure.

This is my kind of day to celebrate.  Yet, I am not sure it is my husband's type of day.  But, you know what?  It doesn't matter!!  No, not because I am an uncaring wife, but because he just so happens to be away overnight and won't be here for supper.

And….it's Monday.  We have a city ministry that results in us eating a later dinner that always is casual and easy to prepare.

And….we happen to have submarine rolls and deli meat on hand.

Meaning….we're having a dinner of sub sandwiches accompanied by two delicious, cheesy dips.

Would you like to join us?  Well, not physically…but, in celebrating the day?  Here are the two dips we will be gorging ourselves feasting on tonight:

Beef enchilada dip.  Meat, onions, garlic, enchilada sauce and CHEESE!  Yes, please.

Hot pizza dip.  Pizza without the crust…just the toppings and CHEESE!  Cream cheese, mozzarella cheese, sauce, parmesan cheese, peppers, pepperoni and black olives.  
I will not be stepping on my scale tomorrow morning.

For the grand finale - the dessert that began it all:

Cannoli dip.  Ricotta, mascarpone, vanilla, cream, powdered sugar and vanilla, all topped with mini-chocolate chips.  It's in my refrigerator right now.  I did taste…I will try not to make a pig of myself!  (We will serve with waffle cone chips, as pictured.)

Oh, and yes.  Pinterest is my main recipe source.  What did I ever do without it?  Oh, that's right….stayed relatively thin.   Those days are numbered.

Happy Chip -n- Dip Day!!  Let me know if you celebrate with your family!

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Jillian Snyder said...

Pintrist, aye?! I shall have to blame you for fatness. :P