Monday, March 30, 2015

Three Necessities of the Busy Life (Guest Post at Network of Silver)

We live in a culture where keeping busy is the rule, the expectation.  Sleep-deprivation is considered a badge of honor.  We list our activities, our occupations, our goings to and fro as some sort of resume of acceptance and worth.  In addition, we use our busy-ness as an excuse in not keeping our relationships alive and well.  "I haven't called e-mailed, texted because I have been so busy."

While our bodies are exhausted and we truly hate feeling that way, there is an expectation among women to stay busy.  There is almost a sense of pride when we mourn our exhaustion to fellow-mothers.  We feel our packed schedules validate us and indicate that we are making some great contribution to society.  Sitting for a while or sleeping is for the lazy.  And we wonder why heart-attacks, fatigue illnesses and such are on the rise….

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Jillian Snyder said...

I love that you are posting regularly on your blog... tho I normally only take time to read, and not comment. :/

But thank you for this post. I know I am not as busy as a mother. But this is all so true and I needed it this week.