Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Michael's Graduation

It's been over two months since our first-born graduated high school.  It's been three months since he finished his courses and began to work full-time.  His childhood passed quickly.  His young adulthood is moving even faster.

May 30, 2015.  The day our son, our oldest child, donned his blue cap and gown with the green and black tassel, and walked down the aisle of our church to receive his diploma.

During the graduation ceremony, each graduate has a 2-minute slideshow.  Two minutes to see my son's 17 years flash before my eyes.  He had music from the Pirates of the Caribbean - powerful, strong, victorious.  Seemed appropriate.  We then walked up on to the stage where my husband gave Michael his diploma and said a few words with me speaking after him.  Then Michael, who despises public speaking, said a few words - quite eloquently, I may add.  When he finished, we sat down.

That is when I cried.  Not hard.  Not long.  But the tears flowed.  I wasn't sad…on the contrary, I am excited that our son is growing up and becoming a fine young man.  Maybe that's why I cried.

Michael and I learned to do this thing called "home school" together.  I made so many mistakes.  I messed up a lot.  He was patient, forgiving and - though I had my doubts many a time that he would - he persevered and finished.  Often I wondered if he would come out on the other side able to stay afloat in this world.

Would he be employable?  

Would he be a hard worker?  

Would he follow God?

He's been finished for 3 months.  He's been employed that entire time.  He is liked at work and comes home exhausted after working 10-11 hours, but happy.  His co-workers know he is a Christian.  He reads his Bible before going to work and keeps on coming to church.  He's excited about our Bible conference this week.

I know it's just the beginning, but so far, we have a re-sounding "YES" to all three of my questions.  So far, his first steps into the great big world have been successful and strong.  

I failed more times than I can remember in Michael's day to day schooling.  I let too much time go before checking his work.  I yelled, often.  I thought about giving up.  I could have done more.  I could have prayed more.  Yet, when I prayed and wept before the Lord spread out on my bed totally spent and at my wit's end, God heard me.  He heard this weak, pathetic mother and He kept my son on the course.  I gave up long ago.  I knew I wouldn't be able to get my son to the end, but God had to.  Whatever Michael is today that is good, is God's work.  All I did was hand Michael to Him.

That, I believe, is why I cried on Michael's graduation day.  Because Michael finishing school, working hard, following the Lord and still loving me is a picture of God's grace. 

I am proud of my son for finishing school, even when he didn't want to.  I am proud of the man he is becoming.  I take no credit….it's all because of God and His grace.

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