Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Children of the Just Man

As I mentioned in my weekend post, our oldest daughter received her driver's license last Monday (April 18).  She is our second child in 5 months to get their driver's license, as our oldest got his last November.  I am glad that I won't have to face another road test for another year and a half;  I know it's stressful for the child, but it's a huge factor in the aging of mothers.

While my daughter was taking her test, here at the farm a gentleman came by the house inquiring about straw for sale.  For some reason, our 14 year old daughter wasn't sure if we had any to sell and, not seeing her father around, proceeded to take the gentleman's name and number so we could call him back later with an answer.  Why am I sharing this seemingly minute detail?  Because none of our kids question whether or not we have straw (we almost always do) and they hardly ever take someone's phone number.  Trust me...this is important to the story.

Just after our daughter took the man's info, my husband came up to the house and took him out to help him load the straw (that we, most certainly, did have) into his car.  His Ford Focus....

Go back a month (cue dream sequence harp music and wavy screen).....
Eric mentioned to me that if Cassia got her license, we should look at getting her a car so she could drive back and forth to school on her own.  What kind of car?  He randomly mentioned a Ford Focus...

(end of dream sequence)

So, my husband probably mentioned the Focus to his customer.  The man says that he had just purchased a new car and the dealership had offered him $3000 for the 2006 Ford Focus along with his Dodge Dakota (did I mention our oldest son has been looking for a pickup truck?) and he would be taking both vehicles in for trade-in at the end of the week.

Once the gentleman left, Eric got on the computer and looked up the value of the Focus.  It was worth, at least, twice that of what the dealership was offering for both vehicles.  So, Eric called the man (thanks to the phone number that we hardly ever take down!) and offered him $4000 for both vehicles.  The gentleman quickly agreed - he received $1000 more than he would have with the dealership and we ended up with two vehicles we needed.  Not only the two vehicles we needed, but the exact model of car we were looking for!

Both the car and truck were dropped off the next morning and were registered, inspected and ready to go by that evening.  Our daughter realizes she is blessed to have a vehicle so soon and not have to worry about borrowing ours.  Our son is quickly learning how to drive a standard, but he'll have his truck on the road soon. This truck is a temporary vehicle for him while he continues to  save up for his dream truck (though he's pretty happy that his interim truck is four-wheel drive).

Why do I share this story?  To give all glory to God.  Does God always go around blessing people by delivering working vehicles at ridiculously low prices right to their driveways?  No.  He chooses to bless people in ways designed specifically for them.  His timing was perfect.  His plan was detailed.  His generosity was immense.

The day after the cars came, I came across Proverbs 20:7: The just man walketh in his integrity: his children are blessed after him.

I can honestly say that my husband is the most Christ-like man I know.  He is not perfect, but he is a bold witness, a faithful husband, father, and church-member, a loyal friend, and the most patient and forgiving person I have ever known.  He walks in integrity.  His children have been blessed with these vehicles because of him, of that I have no doubt.  While our sins have far-reaching consequences and affect those around us, so does our righteousness (or the righteousness that God works through us).

I am blessed to have such a husband...and our children are blessed to have such a father.  I hope that as they drive miles in these cars and as they continue further down life's road, they will always remember that and be grateful.  I pray they learn to walk in integrity so that their children and many others will be blessed, as well.

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