Monday, June 20, 2016

Cassia's Graduation

Cassia graduated last Saturday (June 11).  She's our second graduate.  Our first girl-graduate.  For some reason, this was emotionally more difficult than when her brother graduated last year.

Don't get me wrong.  His graduation was a milestone.  But, I cried for a moment during his ceremony;, not for weeks as I have been recently.

She's not leaving.
She's been going to college for almost a year already.
She got her license and her own car over a month ago.
Virtually nothing is changing.

Yet, I cry.

Is it because she is growing into a beautiful young lady before my eyes?

Is it because she's working 40-50 hours a week in a farm field and demonstrating work-ethic a mother can only hope for?

Is it because, at the same time, my son's best friend just moved away to start his life on his own?

I cry for all of the above reasons.  I cry because I am, to an extent, sad.

Yet, I cry more because -
I am relieved that another child has made it through school successfully.
I am proud that she is doing so well at work and in her higher education.
I rejoice that she has the light of Jesus in her eyes and His testimony on her lips in the secular areas in which she finds herself.
I am thrilled at the opportunities that are just around the corner for her older brother and for her.

I cry because I love my kids.

If you're a mother, you understand.