Saturday, July 30, 2016

Saturday Scripture, Sayings, and Suggestions: July 30, 2016

It's Saturday.  I've missed our weekends together.  This weekend finds me organizing and getting ready for my Tennessee vacation beginning Thursday!!  My brother, mom, my oldest son and I will be traveling to the south to celebrate the 50th wedding anniversary of some very dear friends of ours. I am very much looking forward to spending some time with the dear family members I am traveling with along with these friends who stuck close to us when I was a kid during our darkest times.
But, before I get all nostalgic....

Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord of hosts: the whole earth is full of his glory.
Isaiah 6:3

For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.
Ephesians 2:10



Time with God: The Time-Warp Wife
My quiet time is one of my favorite times of day.  In the summer, I have more time to just read, study, pray and commune with my God.  Most mornings, I meet with God at our picnic table with a cup of coffee.  Some mornings, I am up in my bedroom or at my desk - still with a cup of coffee.  I have always gleaned so much more from my daily Bible reading if I write, so I have several notebooks full of verses and treasures God has shown me through the years.  
At the beginning of this summer, however, I discovered the Time-Warp Wife and her Bible-Study Journal and Prayer Journal, both which will last 6 months.  Inside the Prayer Journal there is a spot to write out your prayer for the day, a spot where you ask God to teach you something specific that day, and an area to write your requests.  The Bible study journal has daily pages in which to note what you have read that day, list attributes of God, three things for which you are thankful, and a large section to write what you learned that day.  This has been a different way for me to do my quiet time, but I am loving it!
Beginning a few years ago, I enjoy taking the extra time I have in summer to really delve into a Bible study.  Enter, again, the Time-Warp Wife.  I had just finished reading Ecclesiastes when I came across her 6-week study of the same book.  I am learning much about how to live a life for God that counts for eternity.
If you want to add depth and renew your quiet times with God, I highly suggest these resources.  As I bought all three books from Amazon, I just perused her website for the first time as I wrote this post.  I am bookmarking and will be a frequent visitor!!

I am not one to toot my own horn, but if you haven't had a chance to read my list of ideas to make fun memories with your children this summer, I suggest you go there now.  After all, this is my day to list suggestions and I listed several earlier this week! After reading, choose one thing and do it today or this week.  Then, come back and tell me what you did!

Actually, I am recommending the whole series.  Well, at least the first three books as that's all I have read.  But, I am assuming the last two books in this series are just as good and thought-provoking.  This fictional tale is about a man who has lost everything and wants to get away from all he knew.  So, he begins to walk - from Washington State to Key West, Florida.  These books are his journals recounting the people he meets, his thoughts, his struggles, his coming to terms with what God and life have handed him.
While I have not literally walked in this character's shoes, somehow, I have found myself often walking right alongside of him.  I think you may find yourself walking with us, as well.
Note: the two sayings above come from the third book in the series, The Road to Grace.

I don't believe I have ever recommended a sermon nor have I posted a video of one before.  However, today I make an exception as this is an exceptional message.  If you struggle with addiction, depression, fear, or besetting sin (isn't that all of us?), this sermon will literally change your mindset as to how you can achieve victory.  
This is a livestream event from our church, so the entire service is recorded.  If you want to hear some great singing by the preacher's family, begin around the 21-minute mark.  To go directly to the sermon, fast forward to the 37-minute mark.  Watch the entire sermon.  May you be blessed, your mind renewed, and may you win the victory!

That's it for this weekend.  I'm off to shop for our daughter's birthday tomorrow, get my house ready for a birthday dinner, organize, plan, know, all that "keeper at home" stuff!  Praying you all have a wonderful weekend!

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LizAnnQ said...

I agree with you on the writing/getting more concept. I think it forces my mind to "tune in" when I have a pen in my hand! That's why the best way for me to memorize Scripture is literally to write it over and over again; trying to simply read or repeat it usually ends in planning the next dinner, daydreaming, or worrying about something...completely unintentionally.