Thursday, September 15, 2016

First Day of School 2016

We have just finished our THIRD week of school and I am just now getting around to blogging about our first day.  Does that tell you anything about my lack of time?

No, I'm not running hither and yon.  For once in my life, I am busy AT home.  I think I have become more of a keeper AT home than I have ever been before and it's keeping me busier than ever.  At the same time, it's keeping me pretty happy and more contented, as well.  But that's another post altogether.

Back - way back - like three weeks back - to our first day of school.

While I normally prefer to get a good night's sleep on school nights, I stayed up late the night before getting things ready for the moment my children walked downstairs. No balloons or confetti - just little things to let the kids know it was a special day and I was thinking about them.

 I made muffin batter and got it all set so I could just scoop and pop (scoop in muffin cups and pop in the oven) in the morning.  Since the first day, I have made sure the downstairs is straightened up, the kitchen orderly, and breakfast (or the plates and fixings) are on the table along with a sign announcing the breakfast of the day.  I am attempting to give the kids much more variety in their breakfasts, and with more forethought and planning, I am able to limit cereal days to just one or two days a week.   I tried a new recipe for the first day of school - pancake bites - which, I believe, went over pretty well.  I would definitely add sausage and/or bacon, to a few next time.

I bought these mini-chalkboards for our daughter's graduation party this last June.  I can't tell you how many times I've used them for picnics to label food and now I have found a new use - encouraging notes around the house.  

Reminders to be joyful - even during their computer math & science classes. :)

Nothing like brushing your teeth in the morning with a sign of hope!

I got up around 5:00, went downstairs, got the muffins in the oven and read my Bible, taking the muffins out when they were ready.  I then went upstairs (once my husband got up) and worked out and got ready for the day.  I came downstairs in time to eat breakfast with most of the children.  

At 9:00, we all sat down to sing, share what we learned in our individual Bible readings that morning, and continued reading from a book we had been reading about heroes of the faith.  At 9:30, we began our academics.  I had written a schedule for each child to follow.  This is a new thing, but it has been very helpful in organizing time on a shared computer and classes when some children need me more than others.  

The routine we used that day has held so far and we are finishing school around 2:00 or 2:30 each day.  I make sure I plan little to no events during our school days so we can just relax and get the school done without a time limit hanging over our heads.  

Our first day, in fact, our first weeks, while not without their stresses, have been among some of the best school days we have ever had.  I am praying that the rest of our year goes so well.

How was YOUR first day?  


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